Thursday, May 31, 2007


Buy JOYG 45 June @ 8.60, Buy RIG 90 July @ 8.40, 10

So... lets see how this blogging thing works .. a lot of people seem to be doing it these days..

I'll most probably be posting my option trades on this blog. Here goes..

I'm a novice trader. Please do not copy my trades, or take my advice, you'll lose money!

05/30 - Bought JOYG 45 June @ 8.60. JOYG was just too strong that day.

05/30 - Bought RIG 90 July @ 8.40. It looked to me like it was breaking out. Besides, energy related stocks are strong these days.

05/30 - Added RIG 90 July @10. Not sure if this was smart or not. I don't like the shooting star that it's printed today. Time will tell.

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