Thursday, June 21, 2007


Buy - CCJ Aug 45 Call @ 9.10

I had set an alert for CCJ a few weeks ago. It was triggered a few days ago but I didnt act on it. The stock then pulled back and my alert was triggered once again. This time I bought a call.


how do you decide what options to buy? method? technical? fundamental?
what puts a stock on your watchlist? what do you look for before you buy an option?
sorry...published twice
sorry...published twice
Hi j.M,
I usually trade options on stocks that are near their recent highs. I believe in 'Buying high, selling higher'. My previous profits on POT, AAPL, JOYG have been using that strategy. I get this list from Advanced Analyzer, given by Ameritrade and this site -
I put in an alert at the high point, wait for the stock to consolidate the recent high move, and buy when it breaks this high point.
When I buy options, I make sure that the spread is about 20 cents. I don't want to lose money on the spread alone if I want to get rid of it in a hurry.
Hope this helps, good luck with your trading, and thanks for stopping by.
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