Thursday, July 12, 2007


Buy - 1 DRYS Sep 40 Call @ 15.00

This stock has given so many opportunities in the past to get in. I decided to buy in today when it broke, what looked to me, intraday resistance @ 53.50. It might be overextended at this point, so I'll keep my stop-loss tight.
j.M brought this stock to my attention a few days ago when he traded it.


SWC had a very nice rally today. This is a great entry for this incredible bullish stock. It can be compared to PCU 4 years ago. Both return 2000% (20 folds) in just 4 years. I have made a very strong case for SWC super bull. Do your own DD on palladium.

Look at this perfect chart

Google keyword "palla lunar" (one word no space). And follow the Russian enigma!

back to the AMX chart...look how it's now bouncing under your line. maybe that would be a good short candidate?

i'm gonna search for a good buy (even though it's friday)...

nice write up in IBD today, i hope you're still holding!

Hi j.M,
AMX - well IMO, it would be better if it broke the series of higher highs and higher lows. I think that would happen if it closes below (approx) 62.50.
Did you find a good stock on Friday?
DRYS, yes I'm still holding it. My IBD wasn't delivered to me today, so I'm pissed :) I'll see if I can read the article online.
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