Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Buy - 1 PLCE Sep 55 Put @ 11.70

Ummm.. wasn't the market supposed to go down big today? :) Didn't look like it at the close:)
Anyway, got into this one, maybe not a good day to short retail, given the Macy's buyout offer news.
Will get out @ 45.



good luck with your trade! i've been on the side lines this week but i might try to make a trade or 2 today. i still have ESV and TCK which i could end up holding for a while but we'll see what today brings. here's what i'm watching today:

Hi j.M,

I'm looking to get back into GRMN, POT and/or DRYS.

Be careful of options pinning though.

i got a curve ball for you gamble. OPSW. i heard about it somewhere and looked into it. sure enough the stock seems to be uptrending with higher volume as of late. then i checked the option activity and there was quite a bit of calls activity going on. so i jumped in, what the hell. i like to gamble every now and then.

lets keep this market moving up right!?

how 'bout that DRYS (damn)?

Didn't trade today .. missed out big time on DRYS and GRMN. I don't think I'll be trading tomorrow. I'll be on the look out for something on Monday.
With GOOG and MSFT earnings AH, the markets might be weak tomorrow. And then there is Options Expiration...
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