Thursday, July 19, 2007


OPSW - Reader's pick

j.M, OPSW does look to be in an uptrend. My only concern is that it's a little overextended above the upper BB. Judging by past moves, whenever it has gone above the BB it's pulled back (It's normally the case with most stocks). So yep, be careful :)



can you recommend any good books on charts/tech trading?

I haven't read a TA book as yet that I can really recommend to anyone, I guess simply because I haven't read too many books lately. I've read the basic ones, like the ones written by William O'Neil. Some of the people whose blogs I visit are very good with TA, I usually learn from them.
If you find a good book on TA, let me know :) There's a lot to be learnt!
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