Sunday, July 22, 2007



I think PCLN might break out above resistance. I'm putting in an alert for this @ 71.50.


hey AJ,

keep an eye on OPSW today! ill be traveling good luck w PLCN.

hey j.M, nice move on OPSW! Congrats!
hey AJ,

what are you doing to the market!? well i sold OPSW yesterday for nearly 4 x's cost and sold ESV today for 8 (pd 5.2) which leaves me with only 1 position, TCK.

whats your view for the market moving forward? are you long any calls?

hi j.M,
Was expecting a down day, but not this bad! Congrats on your trades, I definitely would like to subscribe to your newsletter :)
The market .. well, i think it could bounce, given AMZN's AH move.
I've not been long any calls for more than a week now, still have 2 open Puts - CTX and PLCE.
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