Saturday, July 07, 2007


Sell - 1 BZH Aug 30 Put @ 7.00 (Bought @ 4.30)

As I thought the previous day, BZH was looking to bounce. I liked the fact that I monitored this position the night before, it kept me on my toes, and sold it after it broke the intra-day high at that time. It's a pity I didnt do the same for CTX and BRCM. Still holding them, and currently slightly down on both these positions.

Amongst all of the home builders, this stock somehow looks to be the weakest to me. This could be a good short at higher levels.



how are we ever gonna get in BIDU, my man? i want in but i can't buy yet. it's goin higher.

great call on BZH! though i think you probably should have held on to AAPL. no reason to sell yet but who the hell am i to talk about sell timing!?

well i got my IBD in hand and will be compliling next weeks watch list soon. this week the market breaks out (hopefully)!

whenever I look at BIDU, it kills me .. a couple of weeks ago, it triggered my alert at 145.... damn!

AAPL, well it's close to where I sold it, so I'm not too worried about that, can always get back in (hmm something that I always seem to be saying lately :)).. The market seems to be a little overbought to me ..

Got my IBD too, will be compiling my list and posting it. We can share notes later :)


well i got this weeks watch list but everything on the list looks over bought right now. here are the 2 that i will be watching tomorrow:

we'll see what this week brings. i would like to see a buying opportunity. looking forward to your watch list.

Yes, a lot of stocks look overbought. Alerts for most of my watchlist stocks still get triggered on a pullback. Lets see how that works out.
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