Monday, July 16, 2007


Sell - 1 DRYS Sep 40 Call @ 16.00 (Bought @ 15.00)

I'm disappointed I didn't make more on this, especially after the article in IBD. I wanted to let this run since it was a September strike, but had to take profits on this after it started to reverse.


NICE! 3 good trades in a week? i think that's a good week!

hey what do you think of WFR from a chart point of view?

i had calls and sold as they were about to expire. i'm thinking i was just too early and might want to get in again. if the stock breaks out it will, at the least, fill the gap up, right? OCT65's maybe? but they do have earnings around the corner and last time that hurt!

Good thing you sold WFR! I normally don't buy options prior to earnings, it's taking a gamble.
It would be better to wait for the earnings, see how the stock moves and make your decision accordingly.
I've bought straddles and strangles in the past, but have lost money on a number of times when the stock didn't move as much.

Damn that DRYS! :)
what a joke huh? the DOW broke 14000 but almost every stock i watch was down (except DRYS that is).
well tomorrow i think i'll SNP.
what are you watchin these days?

Yep, market was looking weak, that's why I sold all my calls yesterday. Still holding Puts (CTX, BRCM) still down pretty big on these.
I'll try to find some stocks tonight, most probably the market will have a down day, especially given the INTC and YHOO earnings.
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