Thursday, July 26, 2007


Watchlist for July 27

Entering alerts for the following-

AAPL above 148.50

FFIV above 91.61 (Spread might be a little large)

JOYG above 49 (It's been down 5 consecutive days, perhaps due for a bounce)

GRMN above 83.50

AMZN above 85

ISRG above 205


i like it, you're buying here! ill take a good look this weekend and dive in monday. luckily im in almost all cash this week (other than TCK, DAMN). Good luck!

anything you're watching?

what a crazy market huh!? my weekly watch list was the smallest in a long time (a lot of stocks not within their 52wk high) but my daily watch list has been huge (any stock within it's 52wk high is still oversold). but like IBD said it's best for me to sit on the sidelines until we confirm a direction.

i would love to learn a Put option strategy. you have any suggestions?

how 'bout spreads? i've thought about trying to get into that too.

- hey my Red Sox just scored Gagne today!
i meant to say "(a lot of stocks not within 10% OF their 52wk high)". damn McCallen.
Hi j.M,
Yep, the market's pretty brutal these days.
I haven't tried spreads as yet. I'm still learning myself. Would definitely like to broaden my options knowledge. Have been reading about them, but never had a chance to try them out.
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