Monday, July 02, 2007



A lot of my alerts got triggered today, and unluckily wasn't able to capitalize on any of them. I was too busy at work.
Today was the day to make money with huge moves in most of the stocks - RIMM, BIDU, MICC, FSLR etc etc etc

I'm adding a couple more stocks to my alerts -
NVDA above 43.87
ESRX above 51.40

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are you going to buy any long options before the holiday? i think there may be some things on sale but you have a day and a half of time decay. yesterday my list kicked up one buy: B but i missed it. if it sells off a bit i might still buy it.

Hi j.M,
Didn't purchase anything today. Just made sure my 3 Put positions - BZH, CTX, and BRCM didn't reverse on me:)

I think next week might provide a better indication of where the market is headed.

i'm thinking of buying CROX (07SEP40) thursday. great ratings on IBD and seems to have pulled back a bit. any thoughts?

If you feel strongly about this, and if you've done your research, you can go for it. Your call.

When I look at the chart a few things that come to my mind-
1. I would like a pullback to be a little more orderly than what I'm seeing.
2. Most of the short term MAs are sloping downwards, so I would think that the short term trend is down.
3. I would currently be neutral on it, but bearish if it can't hold 40 and bullish if it goes above 44.

Again, don't let my thoughts influence your decision. Good luck with the trade.
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