Sunday, July 08, 2007



I prepared a watchlist based on a visual scan of the IBD 100 list. I'll be adding alerts for the following stocks:

JEC above 60 (IBD had a positive story on this, I think that should bring attention to this stock. The chart looks like it's finding resistance at 60, I think if it closes above that, it could go higher.)

RIO below 45.50 for buy

CAM below 72 for a buy

TEX below 81 for a buy

WFR above 63

NTGR above 38 (This has a black border around it's chart in IBD, which means it's a buy. This should jump up)

CHE above 69 (Not a good options play IMO, the spread is too large. Chart looks like it could break out.)

ATHR above 32.50

LFL above 84 (This looks like it has pulled back to it's trendline, might bounce from here. No options on this though :()



quite a list, did you make any moves yet? i have MLM just about ready to be bought here but i'm a little sceptical. i think i'll watch and maybe keep this to a paper trader if it hits my target.

CROX is lookin good today. i also have calls in MU and WFR that i've been holding forever. WFR is killin' me!

Yep, thats a long watchlist :) I need to cut it down to just a few good ones. Alerts were flying left and right today. I didn't buy anything today, the market looks overbought...

Nice call on CROX! congrats!

Hey! AAPL went down today ;)


here's what i'll be keeping an eye on today. i'll be looking for them to sell off a little more before a buy is triggered:

AMX 85 93 A 40% (EPS Rating / RS rating / Grp Str / W%R)
MLM 85 93 A- 70%
CMED 98 84 A- 72%

JEC 86 90 A+


Sold my CROX today for 11. Nice! Well MLM should be bought here (according to me at least) but i think i'll keep it to a paper trade for now due to general market concerns and 50MA.
07OCT160 - 10.7

Nice trade on CROX, congrats!

MLM..hmmm looks like it's broken support at 160. Could be risky. Trade with caution.


agreed, if this was real money i would have sold as soon as it broke the 50MA.

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