Thursday, August 09, 2007



I missed a good entry point on this one (Below 34). Was following it closely, but got called away from my desk. When I got back, it had already fallen down far enough for me to lose interest. But after looking at a daily chart, this still could be a good short below 31.


sold my NOV call for 8 (bought for 6.5) today. could got about 9 and probably will go much higher monday but i cant trust anything these days.
time for a REAL rally or what?

hi AJ,

quick note; i just made my weekly watch list and it came up with more stocks to watch than there had been in weeks. i have no business calling the future market but this list i make tells a lot more than i even know. basically there are more quality stocks within 10% of their highs than there has been since the gettin' was good. we'll see what happens.

Hi j.M,
Nice going on the NOV trade. Haven't compiled a watch list myself.. I hope you have a good mix of long and short candidates. In this market, you don't know which one's you'll use :) Let me know how your new trades go.
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