Thursday, September 27, 2007


Sell - 1 GME Oct 45 Call @ 12.20 (Bought @ 7.30)

Bloody downgrade.

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nice! you let that one run for a while huh?

well i'm getting absolutely crushed here lately. my IDXX has shown 2 straight days of extreme seLling in the last 15 minutes of the day and SOHU...i entered at the wrong time. who woulda thought..; so far so good. the website is useless but the price is right. i just continue to use scottrade for it's streaming charts and quotes and zecco strictly for trading.

well right now im in IDXX, SOHU, SNDA, & VWM so lets hope for a strong week.

have a good one..

yep, since I sold the 1st one, wanted to hold this one a little longer. Wasn't easy though :)

Hope your trades work out for you. Regarding zecco, how fast is the execution? Is a trade cancellation quick as well?

Trade well.
ahhhhhh, fast enough i think. i usually enter a limit order and 'get back to work' then check in later. i'm just tryin' to get in and out at approx levels. i usually miss the exact entry and exit anyway so...for me, it works fine.

check out:
BIIB - long, off support?
GES - short

i see a bunch of potential breakouts too, like VMW!

what are you watchin'?

Nice call on BIIB and VMW. BIIB seems to be running into resistance around the 68ish area.
I'm still waiting for that buyable pullback. Today's action caught me by surprise. The market's looking overbought right now, so will wait and watch.
hey thanks! how 'bout that BIDU too, huh? actually i sold yesterday (idiot).

oh, i got an email from zecco more free trades and the $3.5 options trades are now $4.5! that didn't take long huh? they have new prices now but since i'm aleady a member the prices dont take affect for me until january. still cheaper than scottrade but they already raised prices...

since i sold bidu (stock) i decided to stick with my IBD theme and bought CNH today.

BIDU, yep, it happens. Will definitely take a look at CNH.
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