Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Buy - 1 GME Oct 45 Call @ 7.30

Added to my previous position. Bought this a couple of days ago. This has closed above, what seems to me, resistance at 52. Let's see how bullish that is. I was disappointed that it didn't move as much as I would've liked today.



are the bulls back on parade or what? are you goin' all in? at first i was not a fan of such a big cut but maybe it's what the doc ordered...
i got my Zecco account up & running so we'll see how that goes.
here are a few breakout plays that i'm looking at for today:
obviously i'll need the market to continue up for these to pan out.

Hi j.M,
Haven't bought anything the past few days, just held on to my current positions. I would like to see a pullback before buying anything right now.
Let me know how the Zecco account works out. I'm very interested.
A few days ago you mentioned that you'll always be buying the no. 1 stock on the IBD 100 list, which was BIDU at that time. Hope you got into that .. 200ish to 280ish now .. wow!
you know, i waited a week before i bought BIDU but i still got it at $217 so i'm quit happy. actually i sold yesterday (already breakin my own rule) because this market has to pull back a smidge, right? i'm supposed to wait until it looses it's #1 spot on the list but the trader in me couldn't leave that big of a jump on the table.
i'm dieing to start buying calls again but i want some sort of sale first.

good luck!

Nice going on the BIDU trade! Yep, a pullback would be welcome here.
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