Thursday, September 20, 2007


Sell - 1 GME Oct 45 Call @ 9.40 (Bought @ 6.40)

Took profits on one. Still holding the other.

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Nice call!

hey what do you think of SOHU? i'm thinking of near the money December time frame calls. what do you think? i know this wont be the ideal entry but honestly i've found that the entry (if it's a great stock) is nowhere near as important as exit and position size.
your thoughts?

SOHU might have formed a shooting star like bar on friday, so it could pull back. I think this might offer a better entry point. It does look a little overextended as well.
I feel the entry point is important as well. Just because you're thinking of holding a stock long term, doesn't mean that it's ok to pay a higher premium for it.
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