Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The past few days...

I haven't traded any options. It's too volatile out there for my taste. I'm not a day trader, and the past few days have been a day trader's delight. I'm mainly concentrating on building a strong stock portfolio. I feel that's pretty important as your stock position should be making money for you on the side without you having to touch it very often. But recently I found myself concentrating more on my options trading rather than my stock portfolio.
There were a few stocks in my portfolio that weren't moving much, if not at all, so I sold a few names, started buying stronger ones. Once I'm happy with my stock portfolio, I will concentrate on my 'fun' money....for options.
POT reports tomorrow... if they screw up, I'll finally cut it loose for a sizeable loss. That should make me look for some other names.
It's still very volatile out there, so trade carefully!

please tell me you held POT!! what a market, HUGE earnings and the stock falls. then rises.
i bought NOV yesterday when it was down. i think i like it so far. i would really love a Ragin' Bull day tomorrow!

Hi j.M,
Yep, still holding onto this .. lets see how it goes. :)
NOV could be a good buy, the earnings were good. Good luck with that.

Still holding onto AAPL ?

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