Sunday, October 07, 2007



Some charts that look interesting to me ..

This could break out, but they report on Wednesday, so that could nullify the technicals.

A lot of folks are watching INTC for a break over 26.50. I think it could get a nice pop above that.

This could break out over 78. This one also appears on the IBD 100 list.

Missed the breakout on an inverted H&S pattern. This looks to be heading into resistance around the 30 area. It could be strong above it though.

Some more alerts I'll be setting ..
CHTT above 74
OII above 78
ZOLT above 45.50
INTC above 26.50
NVDA above 38
FXI above 192.05
SNP above 129
AEM above 52.50
FWLT above 143
RIMM above 115
VMW above 92.50
NILE above 96
ROP above 66.75



did you make any moves today? i missed BOOM. i chased it for a bit then drew my line in the sand. i should have just got in. oh well.

here's tomorrow list:
EXM b/o over 63ish
AMX huge cup breakout
GRMN b/o, gap fill?

good luck!

Nope, no trades today, still waiting for that elusive pullback :).
Nice move on BOOM.. didn't hear about it today. Volume could have been better though..
Damn that DRYS... left a lot of money behind.

Thanks for your watchlist. Have added them to my alerts.
Happy trading.
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