Monday, November 26, 2007


Buy - 1 LEH Dec 60 Put @ 4.20

Bought this on a break of 60. Initial target is around 56. I thought I put in an order to buy 2, unluckily it turned out to be only 1. I might have been better of just shorting the stock instead. But it is what it is...


i know, i hear ya man. well i'm dying to trade this market but i'm traveling this week and my Mot Q will only let me access scottrade and not zecco. i shouldn't be trading scottrade cash but i might...
here's what i like for tomorrow:
BA (baCk to the neckline!), TXI

oh, to answer your 'scan' is completely manual and it takes a long ass time. if i wanted to pay for IBD online i could run a scan. for the short plays i just go back a few months and look at my old bullish list. a lot of those highfliers fall the hardest. the H&S patterns were found by me. i look at daily 6 month charts.

what do you think?

SPW and IRM look like they're coming close to support. IRM could be running into resistance at 36ish though.
BA might have some more upside, just wait for a confirmation that it will find resistance at the neckline. TXI was down on an up day, so this could hold promise too.
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