Thursday, November 01, 2007


DIA - Watch the 134 level

What a difference a day makes. Just when things were going well, 14000 was within easy reach... now we're just looking for some sort of a support. The 134 level could be very important for DIA. If it can't hold that level as support, we could easily see 13000.

Be careful out there...



i just went back and checked some old trades and this is what i found:

SOHU (.UZKLH) bought for 3.9 on 09/21, sold for 6.6 on 10/10. trades for 23.4 today

IDXX (.UIDAC) bought for 5.9 on 09/26, sold for 4.5 on 10/02. trades for 11.2 today

BIDU (stock) bought for 217 on 09/10, sold some on 09/19 for 280 and the rest on 10/01 for 289.2. trades today for 409.

the worst part...they're probably all going higher. SOHU & BIDU i sold out of excitement but IDXX i sold because i followed my rules so i guess i'm really only mad about 2 of the 3. idiot...

Hi j.M,
Yep, I've been having the same problem too .. POT, DRYS, EXM .. would've earned me a lot of money had I been a little more patient.
Crazy market out there recently huh? Any new positions for you?
crazy is right! i sold some losers to free up some cash but i haven't bought anything new in a while. so the question is; do i just buy now in hopes of the 'big Q4 rally' or do i wait for confirmation 1st? i really want to buy GME & WX stock. but then again i also have an inkling to buy an inverse fund. either way, NO OPTIONS til the market gains footing.

how 'bout you?

i ended up buying GME just under $58. was a good day in the end but i'm just hoping it wasn't too early. we'll see. plus they have earnings on the 20th.
Hi j.M,
I traded POT today, my fingers were itching to trade.. it's been a while :)
Good luck with GME.

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