Tuesday, November 06, 2007



I traded POT today, bought one option mid-afternoon, sold it towards the end of the day. I'm still cautious with the current market so didn't want to hold it overnight. One thing I liked about this trade was that my bid was matched and so was my ask. Usually it happens the other way around for me. So at least I was able to make money off of the spread... which usually for these options could be around 50 bucks.
I bought this for 9.40, sold for 10.40.

POT still looks to be consolidating the huge move it made a few days ago. This could break out above 124.

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glad to hear you were able to make money off the spread~
i recommend that you go to http://www.hototc.com
great advice and picks there.. =)
well i think it's safe to say that there's blood in the streets. so i'm buying today. just 1 measily VMW call. we'll see what happens.

in other news...my portfolio is getting CRUSHED! can't sell here though so we'll just drive on.

hopefully we'll make it out alive.

Yep, facing the same problems with my stock pf as well. Still holding. Might get out if it bounces from here. Tricky decisions.
Good luck!
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