Thursday, December 13, 2007


Buy - 1 GS Jan Call @ 9.00

Has anyone bought a Put by mistake instead of buying a Call (or vice versa)? Well it happened to me today... I thought I was buying a GS Call, but I actually bought a Put. I was surprised to see the price of my position actually going down when GS started climbing... It took me a few seconds to realize what I had just did. Anyway, I held on to it, which was a good thing, as it started falling down soon after. I got out of it with a profit of $80.
I bought this call soon after selling my Put. It looked like it was basing at 108, but wasn't so. It fell to about 105. Anyway, it did climb back up towards the end of the day, good thing.

GS reports on the 18th... any chance it will ramp up going into the earnings?


wow, lucky i guess. good luck with GS seems like the brokers have been in the spot light. good or bad?
believe it or not i took a call in ESLR today hoping to dump at around 17. well after hours they anounced some big deal. dumb luck i guess.

'learn as if to live forever, live as if to die tomorrow'

i better win.

Nice going on ESLR!
You got some balls. Of course GS seems to be the best of the group, but when the group is embroiled in turmoil even the cream of the crop may not rise to the top. With all that said have you thought of a straddle....that way a big move in either direction and you would profit?
Yep, it was a risky play, especially holding overnight, but I guess it worked out ok this time...
I used to trade straddles a lot a few months ago, with mixed results, haven't traded those recently.
I don't think GS will move that much for a straddle play to work. Most probably a straddle on GS will lose money.
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