Thursday, December 06, 2007


Sell - 2 AZO Dec 120 Put @ 0.80 (Bought @ 1.80)

Shouldn't fight the trend...

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still tough trading out there huh? i did well on my IRM call & BA put but not so good on FAF put and WXS call. though i still have both of the later. i know, no trading til after tuesday but what do you think of these:

ITU breakout
GFA speculative but i like whats goin on

as i browse the charts i've noticed a lack of volume everywhere on the recent leg up. does that mean that we're looking to head back down OR are the majority of the buyers waiting to jump in after tuesday? we'll see...

Yep, still pretty volatile out there. Nice calls on BA and IRM. IRM could still have some juice left in it for a breakout play.

ITU looks like it could break out, and the positive IBD articles would help it as well.

GFA, nice volume on friday, could be promising.

The volume hasn't been too bad, but I guess people are waiting for the Fed decision.

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