Sunday, December 09, 2007


A few charts

A few charts worth looking at. All long recommendations. But the Fed decision will obviously be something to watch out for.

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AJ...I came across your site from the Trading Goddess blog...I like yourself am a small time and newly minted options trader. I like that you disclose your trades both good and bad. I have added you to my blog, so feel free to check my blog out as well and if you feel a link on your page is warranted...well then that would be great. Thank you Justin
Thanks for stopping by. I've added you to my links. You have a nice blog, I'll be sure to visit often.
well, it's 'post-fed', did you take any trades? i'm officially down for the yr so i'm goin' down swingin':

Short BA (again)
Long IRM (again)
short FAF (still)
Long WXS (still)

and a new long stock speculation:

we're all gonna die!
Didn't trade the past couple of days, too volatile, took a small trade in GS today.

Not sure if we'll get a short term oversold bounce here...

Good luck with your trades.
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