Friday, December 14, 2007


Sell - 1 GS Jan Call @ 10.20 (Bought @ 9.00)

GS has found support/resistance at the 215 level many times before. Today was no different. It tagged 215 today and moved down the rest of the day. Unfortunately I wasn't at my desk most of the day, otherwise I would have closed it much earlier. Anyway, got out of this after I felt that the market looked like it was headed lower.

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Nothing like a quick little profit, nice play! I've come to realize that it is alot of the little trades that add up to nice profits at the end of the year. Yeah it's nice to get a "big gainer" whenever possible, but its the little, consistent profits that keep people in the game. Again congrats! Justin
Thanks. These days it's difficult to hold positions for a long time. Book profits when possible.
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