Saturday, December 22, 2007


Some charts...

A few charts from the IBD 100 list. Let me know your thoughts...


i'll be back later with some real thoughts and things from my list...

:) I thought you made money on CNH.
nope. i was up but then got shaken out on the leg down. just to watch it go right back up. idiot.

i see a lot of bullish looking charts this week but i gotta remember that we're not in a bull market anymore so no matter what the chart looks like the daily market activity has the final say. take a look at ICLR. i had this chart saved to my desk top from 12/7 where i thought it was at support with a potential breakout above 61ish. i never bought the stock but i checked back up on it and i probably would have sold for a loss some time right before that HUGE explosion up. it's tough trading but here is what i like:

STP - are you shittin' me, check out that chart! b/o above 85ish

plus all of the following look good to me for a bullsih move:
VIP, AAPL, FCSX, PCLN (above 121ish), SID, TKC, MBT (continuation), NDAQ, ABAX, GTI, SWN

maybe a short:
FTK - H&S? @Res?

a couple IPO's:
GU (Perruna)
TITN (a play on CNH)

i still own IRM (option) and GME (stock) and i like 'em both right here.

BA - did it put in a bottom?

long post and maybe all for nuthin'. is this week even tradable w/ the holiday?

Yep, that's a nice long list. Yes you could be right, this could be a low volume week... we'll see.

Hmm.. BA could have put in a bottom as you mentioned. STP looks like it's broken out and it's now coming back to test the breakout point. FTK, not so sure about it, I don't like stocks that have made big daily moves recently, hard for me to predict which way it will go.

Good luck for this week.

how 'bout that TITN!? i tried to buy it a few days ago at around $10but didn't wanna over pay. guess i shoulda 'over paid'. this might still have room though?

i got into STP this AM. IRM & GME had great days too!

did you taKE any positions?

have a nice holiday (Christmas)

check out the volume on ANR JAN 35 calls today! i have no idea what the deal is but i took the gamble with 1 measley contract. someone seems to know som'n, huh?

Nice, you've been busy. :) Wasn't able to trade on Monday. Yep, nice volume on ANR! Good luck with your positions. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
i think i got rooked actually...looks like someone put on a credit spread.

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