Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Buy - 1 RIMM Feb 105 Put @ 10.00

Added one more to my current position. Avg price 2 @ 10.50.



crazy out there huh? i hope you made out with those options. with this volatility i just can't buy options. i'd rather sell some but today i made a completely irrational move and bought DSX (stock) out of nowhere. why, i dunno. i got in too early but it closed right above the 200MA...maybe i'll be ok?

what do you think, a tough year ahead or a long rally about to kick off?

j.M! long time...

yep, crazy market for sure.. I picked up some DSX too btw :) So let's hope for the best.

Well, I feel the selling in the past few days has been extreme, so we should definitely get a bounce to respectable levels. But with all this housing, credit mess .. tough times ahead.

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