Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Sell - 2 RIMM Feb 105 Puts @ 13.15avg (Bought @ 10.50avg)

One more thing I need to remember is to get rid of options early on in the trading day. Option premiums are usually high at that time. I got stopped out of this position mid-morning. Saw this option going all the way to 16.50 (Damn). It did close below my selling point, so can't complain a whole lot.

Short term bottom in the market perhaps?

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nice trade on RIMM. i think you did the right thing in this environment (take profits when they're there).

you wrote a couple good posts that i didn't have a chance to reply to regarding the past year and this coming year. personally, i don't think i'll have as much time to watch the market daily so i want to a place to park money and then hit a couple option plays if they set up for me. between my 3 trading accounts i saw pretty good profits (for a beginner) evaporate. in the end i would have been better off just holding SPY. nah, F that, trading is much more fun!

well here is what i'm thinking to hold for 1 year:
CNX - energy play (i'll wait before i enter though)
BWV - S&P buy/write ETN
NARFX - Long/short mutual fund

i don't own any of the above now. i do have BND & DSX which i'm debating on whether to keep or axe.

who the hell knows...

Thanks, yes it's tough not to take profits quickly in this environment. They can vanish in a heartbeat.

Thanks for reading the posts, hope they were useful. I'm really trying to work on the patience thing.

Yep, difficult to figure out long term positions right now. Good luck with your investments.

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