Sunday, February 03, 2008


A few charts

So the IBD 100 list didn't have any buy recommendations. I haven't had a chance to go through the list or too many charts for that matter. I took a look at a few, I might be watching these next week...

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tough times to trade, huh? i sold my PNRA put for a small profit. i have mostly cash and BND now. i would like to trade but i have no idea which way to go on a inter and long term basis. because of that i'm affraid to let profits run, i've been quick to sell at small profits. i gotta believe we're going lower but i guess the test of the lows in this coming week will tell us more.

if i can get back into DSX a little lower i'll buy stock and sell options. that should be a good strategy given the high DIV, baring any market crash that is.

did you trade at all this week?


- i still aint over that Pats game either...but i did win a small bet that Brady would throw a TD before an INT
Yep, very tricky out there. I tried a few trades here and there, nothing great though.

I was thinking of selling a covered call on DSX, but the premiums seem to have deflated quite a bit. I don't remember them being so low the last time I sold a call. Anyway, will looking into selling a call on this soon.

Nice going on the bet. I didn't win anything in our office pool :)

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