Sunday, February 24, 2008


A few charts

We'll see if the bullish late day push that occurred on Friday will spill over this week. It's still tough to judge direction here. SPY hit 137 a couple of days ago, but was quickly sold. I mentioned last week that we need to get above 137 to set a bullish tone, but that did not happen.

Here are a few charts I'll be watching this week...

alright AJ, it's time to get your shit back together. we can do this it's easy...just buy puts on anything. not quite but seriously take a look at all of the inverse ETF's. alot look to be on the verge of a break out: FXP, QID or like they're going back to their highs. crazy.

and for some reason i chose to buy some IBM the other day. yup, long.

have you been doing anything?

It's been a while since I last posted huh? Yeah, I just don't feel like posting charts these days, since most of them useless due to all this high volatility.
Anyway.. been doing ok on my daytrades, but losing on my long term investments (not sure why i still keep them..). Yep, you're right on FXP and QID, hope you got a piece of that action.
Might try to have some charts this weekend.
Hope things are going ok with you.
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