Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Sell 1 X June 2008 Call @ 9.10 (profit of $80)

My exit on this wasn't all that great. I sold it in the morning, after seeing a lot of volatility. But after looking at the closing price, I'm not complaining.

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glad to see you're back in the sadle. i have been staying away from options lately until i'm comfortable with the direction of the market. which i'm not even close to being there now. i did however buy some stocks about a month or so ago:

IBM @ 112
GE @ 32.5
SIRI @ 2.52
TKC @ 22

i'm loving IBM and looking for about 144 before i sell.

do you still own DSX? i wish i held that thing now.

well the way i see it, either gas goes down or the market goes down, i dont think they can both be up together...

Hi j.M,
Good to see you. Yes, still holding onto DSX, that's the good part of holding stocks than options. Time is on your side. I sold some @ 38. Still holding some more.. I might get rid of them soon if this market falls.
Good luck with your trades.

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