Monday, November 03, 2008


Sell to Close - 1 POT 80 Nov Call @ 11

This wasn't a very smart trade... I'm just glad to break-even on this. I should stick to selling options instead.


AJ....Sorry to see that you closed out of this 1-day before its nice move. I thought about getting back into POT, but went with AGU instead. Best of Luck. Justin
Justin, yeah my timing wasn't good at all on that trade. Oh well... Hope your AGU trade went well.
AJ where are you?

There isn't many option trading blogs out there and I'm in need of some encouragement since December sucked for me (smile).

I hope your trading is going well.

Regards, PW

I should be adding you to my blogroll this week if you feel my blog is worthy enough can you add me to your blogroll.

I’ve been following your blog a little while now and really like your opinions. I was wondering though, if we could possibly help each other drive traffic to our sites? I started a blog as well - If you are interested, could we post links to each other’s blog?

Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks in advance for any help.


PW, good to hear from you. I've added you to my blogroll, feel free to add me to yours too.
I hope we can encourage each other to make good trades in 2009!
Thanks for stopping by. I've added you to my blogroll.
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