Thursday, July 05, 2007


Buy - 1 AAPL Oct 130 Call @ 12.30

I could have bought this a little cheaper, I just knew it was going to pull back the second I bought it. AAPL might look overbought in the short term here.. if this pulls back big, will get rid of it.


hey AJ,

ballsy call. i've been thinking of that too but i can't tell when. WHAT MADE YOU BUY TODAY? i bought CROX today we'll see how that pans out. good luck.

- sorry for the CAPS. i pd $6.2 by the way...
Hi j.M,
Nice call on CROX!

I bought AAPL when it broke above 131 and traded close to the 5 period MA. But after I entered it, it looked toppy to me, and sure enough it pulled back. I put a mental stop of $1 below my buy point. It didn't hit it today, we'll see what tomorrow brings. :)
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