Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Buy, Sell - 1 AAPL Aug 120 Call @ 15.00 (Bought @ 16.50)

This trade was simply a waste of money.. can't write much about it...It looked to me that it was consolidating and then suddenly dipped. This was a panic sell, something I was hoping I won't do.


ouch. damn i've been there before. well hey, AJ, i got a good news...CXW is almost ready to be bought. i've been dying to buy this for a while. i' keeping an eye on AMX & BEZ too.
question is; is this a buying opportunitiy or do we sit on the sidelines?

Yep, CXW could be a good buy if it can hold, IMO 31.50. But I won't trade options on this, the bid/ask spread is a bit too crazy.
AMX, it looks to me to have broken the upward trendline, I'll post a chart later on, let me know what you think about it.
BEZ, maybe on a break of 50.50?
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