Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Buy - 1 AAPL Oct 125 Call @ 11.30

I'm not sure why I opened this position knowing fully well it's heading into resistance around the 129-130ish area. It just looked strong to me in a flat market. It moved sideways the whole day after I purchased it though.



how are you surviving these daze? i took a couple hits last week trading stuff while i should have been sitting on my hands but i'm good now. hopefully. i bought Puts of COF last week and with yesterdays bed news for them i thought the stock would have dropped but no such luck. i'll probably exit today for a loss.
i bought BHP yesterday just to trade around earnings...looks good so far.
i like your AAPL trade!

Haven't been trading a lot recently.. trying to keep away from mortgage,housing related stocks. Too volatile for me.
Nice call on BHP. Hope your COF trade is working out for you.
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