Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Buy, Sell - 1 AAPL Oct 120 Call @ 17.80 (Bought @ 17.40)

This was a quick late day trade, but as usual, could've got more had I been a little more patient. Why can't I cut my losses like this instead of cutting my profits!

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well IBD says we're back in rally mode. you buying that?

hey, new plan for investing! i don't know what i'm doing as far as investing (i can trade, not invest) so thus far i own a total market etf (VTI), Gold etf (GLD), and a stock (WMI). the stock part is what i have trouble with. WMI has a good yield and i think waste will be a HUGE problem moving forward, other than that, there's no reason why i choose this stock. so to spice it up, i will also buy the #1 stock on the IBD100 every week. i'll hold til the stock looses it's spot. it's BIDU this week so we'll see how it works.

how do you invest?

The market looks over extended to me, inspite of that I opened up a long position in AAPL today. I better watch that carefully.
For investments, I generally look at the PEG, Operating cash flow, EPS. The CANSLIM list by IBD generally give good candidates.
Regarding the IBD 100 list, I've always thought of writing some sort of a program that tracks the movement of a stock in the list and the price change etc, to give me some sort of a clue as to which a good pick might be. Obvisouly, haven't goten down to doing it.
The problem with being number 1 on this list is that they usually fall hard after some time .. BTJ is a good example of late..
Good luck with your investing. Let me know if you find something good :)
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