Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Sell - 1 AAPL Oct 125 Call @ 13.50 (Bought @ 11.30)

Sold this when the market looked to me like it was running into resistance. AAPL did go lower after I sold it, but the late day rally did push it back up again.

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hey AJ,

how did your JOYG short go?
what do you think about AGU as a short?

I covered JOYG @ 43.80 a couple of days ago.
AGU looks like it might be running into some resistance around the 42.50 area. It has had 4 big up days, so the short side might just be the less risky option. But all this depends on what the market wants to do... What made you consider this as a short?
well i didn't take the AGU trade yet. i just saw it as a potential as i was going through my watchlist. i have basically an "0 for" record with puts so i'm looking for anything that might work. from the chart iT looks at the top of the channel and i just figured the market has gone straight up recently so maybe this would be a play but i'll stay away for now.

on to the real question: what about DRYS on a breakout? believe it or not i had BCSI on my watch list Tues for a breakout but i never pulled the trigger (idiot!).

DRYS could look good on a break of the 64 area. Yep, BCSI would have been a sweet trade.
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