Saturday, January 12, 2008


Random Charts

Here are a few charts of stocks I usually follow. Some of them are running into resistance and some of them close to support. Most of the charts are bearish, if not all of them. The market just can't seem to get a foothold. Whenever there's a hint of a rally, a company usually speaks up after hours with some 'wonderful' credit crisis news, and the market goes back in the crapper the next day.

I haven't taken a look at the IBD 100 list, no sense wasting too much time on it this week.

Here are the charts. Comments welcome. Please share ideas for other interesting charts.

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nice post! i'll take a good look into these.
sometimes i have trouble getting short after such a tough couple weeks but it's probably the best thing to do.

oh check this out:

i forgot i even put a stock in that contest. i almost bought TITN a couple times now. damn...

Yep, it's tough to go short when things look so oversold, but they can remain oversold for a long time and still go down.

I did see that post, didn't strike me that it was you :) Mine was DSX... not good.

Happy Thursday to you! :)
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